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Portia Baine and others   Mad Honey Re-Draft 13
Winning Writing by New Zealand Teenagers selected by Tessa Duder & James Norcliffe and edited by Glyn Strange.
Clerestory Press 2014    $34.50pb   137 pp  ISBN 978 0 9922 5171 0

Themes: Series/ Short stories

Empathy and understanding, not so many vampires, werewolves and zombies as in past stories and poetry and although there are some elements of fascinating fantasy, many of the entries in this collection tend to deal with the here and now and its problems (and sometimes - delights). Take note of the writers’ names – you will be likely to come across them again in major literary awards in the future. 

This is the 13th collection of winning writing by NZ teenagers, collected by the annual Re-Draft competition sponsored by the School for Young Writers.

Go to: which will give you background to the school, details of the annual competition, sources for buying the book if it is not available in your local bookshop.  Redraft contains the work of teenagers aged 13-19 at the time of entering and all young writers from 7 to 19 are able to apply for tuition and be given publishing opportunities whether they live in Christchurch, where the school is based, anywhere else in New Zealand or off-shore. Write On, the magazine in which work by young writers aged 7 to 12 is published, comes out 4 times a year. Ask about it!

The deadline for entries for the 2015 Redraft is September 30th.

Year 3 up/ Age 7 up

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