Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Book of Hat goes GLOBAL

Harriet Rowland, writer of The Book of Hat, would have been 21 yesterday 26 August 2014 and anyone who knew her or who has read the book can imagine with what exuberance and enthusiasm that particular birthday would have been celebrated. But Harriet died of cancer in March this year, very soon after the sell-out launch of the book in February.

Unexpectedly high sales followed. Publisher, Mary McCallum of Mākaro Press under their Submarine imprint said there has been much interest in turning The Book Of Hat into an ebook to meet both the demands of the young readership and overseas sales. 

To do this Mākaro Press formed an association with Dunedin ebook publisher Rosa Mira Books, owned by Penelope Todd.  Mary said ‘Penelope is a wonderful publisher and we knew she’d ‘get’ Hat’s book, and she has. The ebook has been sensitively done, in the way Harriet would have wanted, incorporating the original book design features including colour photographs that helped make the book so popular.’

The Book of Hat is available at all good bookshops, online at:thebookofhat.com & and as an ebook at rosamirabooks.com

Harriet - acknowledgements to Fifi Colston

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