Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Picture Books - Preschool up

NZ Writer and Illustrator

Sally Sutton, illustrated by Brian Lovelock  Construction

Walker Books 2014  $29.99hb 32pp

ISBN 978 1 9220 7730 1

Themes: Building/ Onomatopoeic words

Out on the building site the workers in yellow overalls are
thonking and clonking and clapping/ binging and banging and bonging until they raise the roof, switch on the power and fill the rooms with shelves and tables and chairs. What have they built? Why a LIBRARY of course. This is a wonderfully exuberant book both in language and image not only to delight the children who listen and look and join in but those who share it with them.  And like the building that has been constructed, this is a good sturdy book which will stand up to the predicted heavy use it will receive.


Preschool up/ Age 3 up

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