Monday, 11 August 2014

Picture Book

UK Writer & Illustrator

Rebecca Elliott  Mr Super Poopy Pants  Lion Hudson 2014  $21.99hb 32pp

ISBN 978 0 7459 6516 1

Themes: Family Life/ New babies


Usually if I see the words ‘poop’ or even just ‘pants’ in a children’s book title I run a kilometre but in this case that would have been a mistake. This is a charming, frank and funny look at the first few weeks in a baby’s integration into his new family as observed by his older and at first, rather disappointed brother. He wanted a Batman to link with his Superman. Toby tells it like it is and explains how different types of pooping (which apart from crying, dribbling, parping, burping and sleeping is all the baby seems to do) can actually be turned to advantage eg getting rid of boring visitors, clearing a large area of the playground or escaping from a posh party.  This story is a real celebration of family life and is based on the characters of Rebecca Elliott’s three children who appear in many of her books  - see her website:


Preschool up/ Age 3 up

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