Friday, 8 August 2014

Fiction Age 6 up

NZ Writer & Illustrator

Victoria M. Azaro  Super Saffron (New Edition)  W4 Ltd 2014  $24.99pb 292pp

ISBN 978 0 4732 7066 7

Themes: First person stories/ Funny stories/ Omnibus editions (3 books in one)

I have been a fan of Saffron for over five years now since she first appeared in 2009 in a much slimmer volume.  Saffron, I guess she is about nine or ten years old, is a small girl who knows exactly where she is going, has an opinion about everything and yet, underneath, is as vulnerable and loving as anyone. Saffron travels the world with her family, takes over when her baby sister is born and suffers the daily questioning of her other small sister, Sage (soon to appear in her own book I read). It is a decidedly quirky, unusual family to which she belongs. Available from some bookshops or go to     


Year 2 up/ Age 6 up

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