Monday, 28 July 2014

Young Adult Fiction

Published 25.7.14

NZ Writer
David Hill
The Deadly Sky
Penguin Books 2014  $19.99pb   260pp
ISBN 978 0 1433 0815 7
Themes: Anti-nuclear protests/ Mururoa Atoll/ Nuclear Bombs/ Tahiti 1974
It is Tahiti 1974 and anti-nuclear testing protests are running hot but in spite of this 14-year-old Darryl’s mother decides to let him accompany her when as part of her New Zealand teaching job, she has to visit the outlying island of Mangareva. 
With so much tension and unease in the world at present it takes a writer of David Hill’s calibre to take us back 40 years and really involve us in what it must have been like to have been around at the time of the Pacific Nuclear testing programme.     

Year 7 up/ Age 11 up

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