Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fiction Age 7 up

Australian Writer and Illustrator

Sally Murphy, illustrations - Gabriel Evans  Roses Are Blue 
 Walker Books 2014 $18.99pb    103pp  ISBN 978 1 9222 4437 6 Themes: Car crashes/ Coping with change/ Disabled parents/ Family stories/ Mothers/ Stories in blank verse

When Amber Rose’s teacher announces that Mother’s Day is coming and everyone’s mother is welcome, her stomach does a dive and her throat feels tight.  This is because Amber Rose’s mother is different – very different. OK to have a mother who wears bright clothes, has a stud in her nose or talks too loudly. But, Amber Rose’s mother is in a wheel chair after a car crash and she can’t talk at all, her neck is all floppy and her hands twitch. Without a hint of sentimentality Sally Murphy gets right inside the mind of an eight-year-old girl trying to cope with change. Don’t let the idea of blank verse put you off  - it is wonderfully easy to read and gives the story such an immediacy that everything relates to the plot. Definitely a read-at-one-sitting book.

Year 3 up/ Age 7 up

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