Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Board Books

NZ Illustrator
Dave Gunson
1 NZ Plants
2 NZ Seashore
New Holland Publishers  (NZ) Ltd 2014  $12.99hb   20pp
1 ISBN 978 1 8696 6419 0
2 ISBN978 1 8696 6420 6
Themes: Board books  
Forget the old board books with their pictures of teddy bears and fluffy kittens for a while. Here is something for the modern New Zealand baby (and his/her older brothers and sisters) showing realistic and to scale drawings of New Zealand plants and sea life. The books can be chewed, wiped clean and dropped from a great height to accommodate the very young and be used as an amazing field guide by older children with their immaculate and appealing images and their text (just the naming words) in English and Maori. The other two books in the series are NZ Bugs and Critters and NZ Birds  - Google for details.

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