Saturday, 14 June 2014

Picture Books

To be published August 2014

Australian Writer and Illustrator
Bob Graham
Vanilla Ice Cream
Walker Books 2014  $27.95hb 38pp
ISBN 978 1 4063 5009 8
Themes: Changes/ New experiences/Freedom/ Human rights/ India/ Sparrows

From the dust of India, a small sparrow flies on to a cargo ship bound for Australia. From the docks it is a short flight to the CafĂ© Botanica, set amidst the skyscrapers of a big city where the sparrow meets Edie, a baby in a pushchair.  In a short second or two, the lives of Edie, the sparrow and a large brown dog that is the catalyst, change for ever. What is it about? Children will take what they understand and need from the story and will make up their own from Bob Graham’s, as always, enchanting water colour paintings. Adults will find a story that shows how a wild sparrow's journey from the other side of the world sets in motion a new experience for a very little girl plus something about basic human rights.

Preschool up/ Age 4 up.

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