Thursday, 15 May 2014

Young Adult Fiction

NZ Writers
Lee Murray, Jan Goldie, Piper Mejia and Celine Murray
Conclave - a collection of science fiction and fantasy
Leapy Sheep 2014  $15.62 plus delivery costs  261pp
ISBN 978 0 4732 8198 4 (print)
ISBN 978 0 4732 8199 1 (epub
ISBN 978 0 4732 8200 4 (mobi)
Themes: Fantasy/ Sci-fi/Novellas

In four different novellas, all with a different take on the word Conclave, four writers from Tauranga have created a group of stories that are all remarkable for their believability (the test of any good fantasy or sci-fi story) and for their readability. A landlocked mermaid, on-line friendships to mysteries hidden in DNA, from a fleet of spaceships heading to a hopefully brave new world to Conclave Seven - a Universal Games event, everything has its roots in logic and yet the vibrant imagination of all four writers soars high above it all.

Year 9 up/ Age 13 up

Piper Mejia, Celine Murray Lee Murray,
Jan Goldie****
****Google their names because they have all written other stories and books and between them have an impressive collection of awards. This includes a short listing for The Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award for 2014 and winning The Sir Julius Vogel Award for science fiction and fantasy writing (two times).   

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Questions and queries to Jan Goldie :  Jan <>

The four writers are most generously sending me three copies of Conclave as Giveaways to school/ college libraries. These will be sent to the first three people who email me after reading this message. Don’t know my email address? Look on the About me- Barbara Murison page on this Blog.

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