Saturday, 31 May 2014

Storylines 2014

The Australians Are Coming! – 
So is Storylines 2014

Storylines Committees up and down the country are already well ahead with their planning for this year’s Family Days for 2014.
The actual dates for The Day are:

Dunedin Family Day, Saturday 23 August.
Christchurch Family Day, Sunday 24 August.
Wellington Family Day, Sunday 24 August.
Northland Family Day, Whangarei, Saturday 30 August.
South Auckland Family Day, Saturday 30 August.
Auckland Family Day, Sunday 31 August.

And as usual there is the excitement of overseas writers and  illustrators who visit as part of the festival.
This year we welcome two amazingly prolific writers from Australia:

Jackie French and Gary Crew

Photo: Australian Writers’ Centre

Photo: From Dr. Gary Crew’s collection

Jackie will be at the Family Day for Storylines in Auckland then heading to Christchurch for the Writers’ Festival. She will have come from the Melbourne Writers’ Festival then, after Christchurch, heads to Brisbane for yet another festival. Gary (who will be equally busy, I just don’t have the details,) will be attending the Wellington Family Day.
Jackie was here a couple of years ago for the Wellington Storylines and I remember well, to my great embarrassment, that I managed to lose her at Wellington Airport where I had gone to meet her. In spite of making contact on our mobiles she eluded me as we went up and down on escalators and planned meeting places in the cafes, and finally took a taxi to her hotel.  

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