Sunday, 11 May 2014

Picture Books - the Grandpa series

NZ Writer and Illustrator
Joy Watson, illustrated by Wendy Hodder
Grandpa’s Cardigan
Grandpa Series – newly designed
Scholastic 2014 (1993) $19.99pb    32 pp
ISBN 978 1 7754 3239 5
Themes: Grandfathers/ Grandmothers/ Recycling

Stories about Grandpa and his long suffering but devoted wife have been favourites since the first book in the series Grandpa’s slippers was published in 1989. Each story in the series is perfectly developed with a strong plot, a problem to be solved and a satisfying resolution –a wonderful model for new writers in the genre to study. In Grandpa’s cardigan, Grandma persuades her husband that his old cardigan is past its use by date so she mends it, washes it, parcels it up and takes it away. Then she sends Grandpa off to town to buy a new one, which he does. Only it turns out to be his old cardigan, which he finds in the local Op shop. The illustrations synchronize wonderfully well with the text and the tone of the book. I do feel though (and always have about nearly all picture books about grandmas and grandpas) that this couple in reality would still be out in the work force and not sitting about in comfy clothes and slippers (they would only be in their 60s). Is it time we began a new genre about GREAT grandma and grandpa?
Preschool up/ Age 4 up (and for all ‘budding’ picture book writers)

Here are the other books in the series all newly designed in 2014: 
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Grandpa's shorts (my favourite!) (2001)
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