Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Young Adult Fiction

NZ Writer
Karen Healey   While We Run
Allen & Unwin 2014  $21.99pb   338pp
ISBN 978 1 7434 3545 8

Themes:  Crowd behaviour/ Pollution/ Propaganda/ Science fiction/ Sequels

I feel this is a really stunning sequel to the writer’s earlier book When We Wake which has been shortlisted for the Young Adult Fiction Award of the New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2014.
It is 2127 and charismatic speakers and singers, Abdi and Tegan, adored by the crowds, push the party line of the Ark Project wherever they go. The only problem is neither of them believes a word of the propaganda they are forced to promote. This is tense and exciting writing  - just don’t expect a completely happy ending.

Year 8 up / Age 12 up (and adults)

Find out more about Karen Healey (who lives and writes in Blenheim) by visiting her blog:
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