Sunday, 30 March 2014

Young Adult Non-Fiction

NZ Writer and photographers
Harriet Rowland,  (images from various sources but mainly from Harriet)

The Book of Hat

Makaro Books (Submarine) 2014  $24.99 207pp
ISBN 978 0 4732 7285 2
Themes:  Blog entries/ Cancer/ Death and dying

When she was 17 and still a student at college, Harriet Rowland was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer. For the next two years Harriet (known as Hat) kept a Blog
(myexperienceof and the book is a selection of these entries which she helped to edit. Without seeing one sentence of self pity or anger we are privileged not just to read the words, thoughts and feelings of a most remarkable young woman but to enter into a world and an experience that stays in our minds.
Please read it.

From Harriet’s Blog of 21.2.14
On Wednesday I had one of the most magical nights as I launched my book 'The Book Of Hat' into the world! It is actually amazing and the night was out of the world spectacular! The first print run has sold out but If you want to buy copies of "The Book of Hat" you can contact the publisher Mary McCallum at What people didn't realize at the magical launch was that in the morning poor mum wasn't even sure if I was going to be alive in the afternoon to do this. It surprises me sometimes how she doubts my abilities. There was no way I was missing my own book launch.

Year 9 up/ Age 13 up and adults

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