Saturday, 21 December 2013

Fiction - 10-12 year olds

NZ Writer
Linley Jones
On The Edge
AM Publishing New Zealand 2013  $20.00pb 164pp
ISBN 978 0 9922 6283 9

Themes:  Bullying/ Batophobia (Fear of heights)/ Father-son relationships/ Flute playing/ Rock climbing/ Sailing/ Smuggling/ Tramping

Brady is nearly 13, is being bullied at school, has a deep fear of heights and is resentful of his father who is spending more and more time overseas. Using her own understanding of her grandchildren and children, her experiences sailing around the Pacific, tramping in the New Zealand forests and her love of travel, Linley Jones has created an adventure story young readers will relate to because it is based on truths they will recognize. There are no simple answers for Brady and, apart from the issue of bullying, not everything is resolved but, as so often happens, he develops strategies for dealing with his demons.     

Year 6-8/ Ages 10-12

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