Monday, 11 November 2013

Moving House and Home

I am moving house in 17 short day's time so between today and around 8th December there may be a little disruption to the frequency with which I enter on this blog. But I will do my best to keep going because great new books seem to be piling up on the floor (no desk left to put them on!).  Every room has three boxes which keep being replaced as they fill up  - one for the rubbish/ one for the Salvation Army/ one for material (including books and more books) to move with me. The cat is beginning to look deeply suspicious.

I have told all my assessment 'clients' that I am not accepting any new manuscripts to look at until after 8th December when I will be sitting at my desk in my new office in my new house.  Fortunately my email ( will remain the same – if you want any more details just contact me on that address.

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