Saturday, 9 November 2013

An over active imagination!

Hero of the Hill by Joy Cowley

I have been doing a little research this morning on the Rimutaka Hill and also on the fell engines.  I remembered writing something about them in a footnote back in September when I reviewed Joy Cowley’s new book Hero of the Hill. I had a nasty feeling something didn’t quite equate with what I had written when I said I remembered travelling in a little fell engine to Cross Creek from Wellington.  What nonsense! The fell engines pulled the trains up the incline from the other side of the hill and I must have travelled in a railcar.  It also reads as though I was in the engine itself. It was a scary journey, it did feel very steep and I did take books to Cross Creek School but it can’t have been a little wooden train as I write. Put it down to an over active imagination and a thwarted desire to write children’s stories only vaguely based on truth!
Look at the interesting pages at the back of Hero of the Hill for the real facts (and share the story preceding them with a child).


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