Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fiction Age 7 up

Norwegian Writer and Illustrator
Erlend Loe, Illustrated by Kim Hiorthoy
Kurt Gets Truckloads
Gecko Press 2013  $19.99pb 120pp
ISBN 978 1 8775 7930 1
Themes:         Character changes/ Family stories/ Funny stories/ Money/ Truck Drivers

Kurt is the kindest and most gentle of family men – loves his wife, his children – his life. But all is about to change as when, as an act of more great kindness Kurt saves a man’s life and is rewarded by a diamond as big as your head. Of course he sells it and receives truckloads of money.  Enough to turn anyone’s character around and in this case it turns him nasty as well with his only friend left in the world his pre-school son Bud who doesn’t really know what is going on anyway. It’s enough to put you off ever buying another Lotto ticket  - just in case. A great story to share with a group and one that will be enjoyed by older children and students as well. 
Year 3 up / Age 7 up

Many congratulations to Trevor Agnew from Christchurch who is the recipient of the Betty Gilderdale Award for distinguished services to children’s literature.
Trevor was one of New Zealand’s first qualified Teacher Librarians, has been an enthusiastic reviewer for the Christchurch Press and the Australian periodical Magpies and keeps a Blog on books for children and young adults  - Agnew Reading  (just Google!)
Trevor will receive his award at the Children’s Bookshop, Christchurch on Thursday November 28th. Great news...

Photo: Booksellers NZ

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