Tuesday, 17 September 2013


NZ Editor

Crissi Blair

New Zealand Children’s Books in Print 2012-2013

Silvertone    2013    $20.00     88 pages

ISBN 978 0 4732 4999 1

Here is the annual ‘list’ of all the New Zealand books for children from birth to secondary school that were in print at the end of 2012 plus a large selection of books now available in 2013. ‘List’ is a very weak word to describe this cornucopia of books that is eagerly waited for from year to year and greeted with admiration for its editor who must have spent so many hours compiling it. The whole production is carefully set out so that accessing material is simple. Some schools and colleges I know encourage their students to leaf through it to find new treasures that can then be followed through on the school computer. This year Crissi Blair advises, so that all schools can have a chance to see it, she has decided to make it freely available in digital format. Go to:

You can purchase a hard copy by emailing books@silvertone.co.nz and it will be sent to you with an invoice.

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