Saturday, 15 June 2013

Picture Books

NZ Writer & Illustrator
Stephanie Thatcher
The Quiet Pirate
Duck Creek Press   2013          $19.99pb/ $29.99hb     32 pages        
ISBN 978 1 8773 7882 9 pb
ISBN 978 1 8773 7881 2  hb

Themes: Intelligence/ Noise/ Pirates

Pirates are a noisy lot – shouting, stamping, bellowing, hullabaloo -ing and it just didn’t suit Barnaby, the cabin boy. He had a very quiet voice and was rather given to sitting in a lifeboat, reading (and thinking and listening and watching). Sometimes he wondered if he really had the makings of a pirate in him but guess who got eaten by the angry sea monster and who got to sail home with the box full of treasure?  And guess who suddenly found he had quite a loud voice after all? Some interesting ideas for discussion emerge here and the book is full of generous images of pirates, crow’s nests and deep blue oceans all to be poured over.      

Year 2/ Age 6 up

To be published July 1st 2013 (by which time I hope to find a better image of the jacket as this doesn't do it justice)

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