Friday, 24 May 2013

Picture Book


UK Writer & Illustrator
Jez Alborough
Six Little Chicks
Red Fox  2013  (2012)         $6.99pb           32 pages
ISBN 978 1 8494 1611 5

Themes: Counting books/ Farmyard stories/ Lucky accidents/ Stories in rhyme

Five little chicks and their rather dopy Mother Hen are in mortal peril as the big red fox struts into the farmyard, licking his lips. But thanks to a fortunate accident the fox really meets his just deserts and the chicks are able to gather round to see the sixth member of the family coming out of the egg. As you will see this is a truly simple little story but it is a useful book to share with its many spin-offs in counting, comprehension and language skills.  

The illustrations are not Jez Alborough’s best  (remember Duck in the Truck and My Friend Bear?) but they are very 'touchable’ and the story reads aloud really well.

Preschool up/ Age 3 up 

Photo of Jez: Acknowledgments to Random House

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