Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Young Adult

UK Writer & Illustrator
Rae Earl
OMG! Is This Actually My Life?
Walker Books 2013   $18.95pb    326 pages        
 ISBN 978 1 4063 4001 3

Themes: Diaries/ Family relationships/ Funny stories/ High school life

An over-the-top and absolutely lightweight but additively readable account of a year in the life of Hattie Moore who has much to worry her. She wants to be a Hotness Goddess but is thwarted by the other components in her life  - her missing father (she doesn’t really even know who he is), her irritating small brother, her unusual gran and a dog with a small but entertaining part to play in the plot. Also she doesn’t seem totally sure exactly what a Hotness Goddess is supposed to do…Not a priority purchase but many 12 and 13 year olds (girls only I think) will love it.

Year 8 up/ Age 12 up

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