Friday, 17 May 2013

Fiction Age 7 up

Australian Writer but born in Essex UK
R A Spratt
Nanny Piggins And The Race to Power
Random House 2013           $19.99pb  284 pages
ISBN 978 1 7427 5499 4 

Themes:  Campaigns/ Family Life/ Funny (very funny) stories/ Pigs/ Politics/ Series

Although this is the eighth installment in the Nanny Piggins adventures, it is a stand-alone story. Not only that, each chapter is a stand-alone story making it perfect for a wet Friday afternoon read-aloud. 
Nanny who looks after the children in the Green family does not approve of their father, Mr Green her employer, who is currently running for mayor so Nanny decides to mount a campaign of her own. This  includes a memorable fun run, being trapped in a lift and beating the world pole vaulting record. 

Year 3 up/ Age 7 up (A great read-aloud.)

R A Spratt IS the name on R A Spratt’s birth certificate, making it difficult for library cataloguers. She lives with her husband and two children in Bowral, Australia.
Go to: for more information and to hear R A Spratt reading from the first chapter of the first Nanny Piggin’s story. 

Photo of R.A Spratt: Acknowledgments to Random House

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