Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fiction - Age 10 up

UK Writer
Simon Mayo

Itch Rocks
Doubleday 2013   $27.99pb          434 pages        
 ISBN 978 0 8575 3133 9

Themes: Action stories/ Sequels
Itchingham Lofte feels like any other ‘normal’ teenager but add in some radioactive rocks, a psychotic science teacher, international terrorists and a team of security guards set up to protect him 24/7, it is sometimes hard even to convince himself. This sequel to Itch  (a good idea to have read it first) contains all the elements of the first book but takes it to an even higher level of excitement and inventiveness.
Itch is a character to warm to with his slightly Walter Mittyish / Mr Magoo behaviour and although he is put in the most terrifying of situations we never really fear for his ultimate safety. Of course all this may change in the next book in the trilogy promised for next year.   
Go to‎ to see Simon Mayo reading from and talking about the book.
Simon was born in 1958 in Southgate, London and has worked for the BBC for around 30 years.

 Year 6 up/ Age 10 up                                                                                                                                             
                           Photo of Simon Mayo:  acknowledgements to BBC, London

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