Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Picture Book

NZ Writer and Illustrator
Sally Sutton, illustrated by Gary Venn
Ben And The Icky-Ooky-Sticky-Smick 
Walker Books 2013   $29.99hb   28 pages
ISBN 978 1 9215 2900 9 
Themes: Grandfathers/ Insects as pets 

 Sally Sutton

Poor Ben! His pet Icky-ooky-sticky-smick is missing and although most of his family are pleased to be rid of what they consider is a most unwelcome visitor to their house Ben persists in searching and so does Grandpa. Many other unusual insects come to light during the search (a cribble-crabble-scuttle-snucks plus a lurcky-murky-dottle-spot and a poople-popple-piggle-snops) but it is not until a long trail of pop-corn (the insects’ favourite food) is laid that the whole collection is together again. This is a book to have real fun with from savouring the wonderful insect names (and making up some more) to investigating the digitally created illustrations. I have a feeling that the author and illustrator must have had fun putting it together as well. 

 Preschool to Year 2/ Ages 3-6 
(Sally sent me this photo of herself)

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