Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Picture Book

NZ Writer and Illustrator
Ruth Paul
Bad Dog Flash
Scholastic 2013 $19.50   32 pages
ISBN 978 1 7754 3096 4
Themes: Dog training/ Puppies/ Repetitive stories

A new book by Ruth Paul is always a treat and Bad Dog Flash certainly won’t disappoint her many admirers. Flash, a small and determined puppy, lives in a household of many temptations – shoes/ cats/ sticks to chase/ bones to bury/ washing to attack - none of which pleases his owner who berates him with Bad Dog Flash. But, no one can be cross with Flash for long and there is always a warm and loving lap in which to curl up.  In spite of Flash's energy this is a calm and gentle book with plenty of white spaces around the images and many new words to savour. 
Preschool up/ Age 4 up

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