Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Picture Books


 Picture Books


NZ Writer and Illustrator
James Russell, illustrated by Link Choi
The Dragon Hunters
Book One of a trilogy
Dragon Brothers Books Ltd  2012         $30.00hb         32pages
ISBN 978 0 4732 1816 4
Themes:  Dogs/ Dragons/ Quests/ Rescues/ Stories in rhyme
When the boys’ much loved chocolate coloured Labrador is stolen by a passing dragon and is whisked away into the air leaving nothingness in her place the brothers go into action. To sustain them they take a packet of Marmite sandwiches with Lemon Zest plus two carefully packed bags.
A rewarding story to read aloud with so much going for it – adventure, dragons, intrepid children, a happy ending and the promise of more to come.  So many people have had supportive things to say about this book – just Google the title for reviews plus a YouTube interview conducted by Doris Mousdale.
Pre School up/ Age 4 up

Belgium Writer and Dutch Illustrator
Sylvia Vanden Heede illustrated by Marije Tolman
Wolf And Dog
Gecko Press 2013  (coming March)          $24.99pb         94pages
ISBN 978 1 8775 7938 7

Themes:  Animal traits/ Cousins/ Family life/ Friendship/ Making rhymes
For all his blustering and bombastic outbursts Wolf has much to hide – he can’t read, he has fleas, is sometimes really scared and lives in a scungy looking house in the forest. Dog on the other hand is totally literate, has a master whom he protects, a warm basket and plenty of delicious food. But, in spite of their many differences, Wolf and Dog (think Snake and Lizard) are friends and all their sparring ends happily - well, almost always. Here is a wonderful opportunity for a teacher with a sense of drama to read this aloud to what will be an enthralled class – but almost as much fun for children to read to themselves.   
Year 2 up/ Age 6 up

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